Pejawar seer’s firmness gives SEZ officials sleepless nights

Posted on Oct 19th, 2009 and filed under General.

MANGALORE: The failure of the Mangalore SEZ officials in persuading as well as pressurizing Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji of Pejawar Mutt against resorting to an indefinite hunger strike next month seeking justice to the Kudubi tribals, is making much news of late.
Sources in SEZ have now revealed that the SEZ officials had made a second trip to the Pejawar Mutt after their first visit aimed at striking some ‘deal’ with the seer had failed to deliver result. Now it is an open secret that the latter had even failed in their second attempt wherein they appealed to the seer to at least drop the indefinite hunger strike proposal.
Sources also revealed that the Pejawar Seer had himself summoned the anti-SEZ activists to be present during the visit by SEZ officials so that the argument of the SEZ officials could be effectively countered by them, as he(the seer) had not done a thorough study on the project.
The SEZ officials had in fact tried to convince several other seers in the past against taking part in anti-SEZ agitations. When Sri Raghaveshwara Theertha Swamiji of Hosanagar Ramachandrapur Mutt who had come to Mangalore some time back to attend an exhibition of photographs of SEZ affected areas, had given a call for an anti-SEZ agitation, the SEZ officials had even been to his mutt at Hosanagar. Later, they had even tried to persuade Esha Vittaldasa Swamiji of Kemar Sandeepani Ashram.
Now, it is learnt the proposed indefinite hunger strike by Pejawar seer next month is learnt to have given sleepless nights to SEZ officials. That the Pejawar Seer is firm in his stand was proved when he recently had made it clear to scribes that “There was no chance of any politician trying to persuade me, until the lands of the Kudubi tribals were returned to them.” The scribes had then questioned whether the seer who was like Guru Vidyaranya to the CM and Home minister who are like Hakka-Bukka, would not be persuaded by the latter to drop the agitation.
The firm stand of the Pejawar seer has now forced the SEZ officials to leave their air-conditioned chambers and hang around the Udupi Mutt.

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