Auto drivers protest sub-standard road repair work

Posted on Apr 15th, 2011 and filed under General.

VITTAL: An incident in which alert autorickshaw drivers took a contractor to task

for undertaking sub-standard road repair works has been reported from Kundadka in

Vittalmudnur village. The autorickshaw drivers, who even resorted to a protest, withdrew

their agitation only after the contractor agreed to maintain the quality of the work.

The patch works on the road which was in utterly bad shape was taken up recently, after

a gap of several years. However, the autorickshaw drivers of the locality noted that the

work was sub-standard in nature, particularly as the road had very gaping potholes.

Though they tried to caution the workers, it fell on deaf ears forcing them to protest.

Finally, they withdrew their protest after the contractor yielded to pressure and assured to

do the repair works upto the satisfaction of everyone.

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