Palemar, it seems, will send home ?unwanted? officers

Posted on Apr 8th, 2011 and filed under Editorials.

A report in a daily wanted by the BJP, which had published Palemar?s statement while

participating in a local function that ?Action would be taken immediately to dismiss

irresponsible officers,? has attracted much attention. Palemar should at least clarify as to

under what rule is it possible to dismiss any officer without an enquiry.

Palemar who had to face censure from none else than the Lokayukta after trying

to suspend the forest officer Gokul in Uttara Kannada district, has now said that

irresponsible officers would be sent home. Is it that the minister has no legal knowledge

or despite having the knowledge, was trying to project himself a hero in public

eyes through such a statement? As far as my knowledge goes, any officer facing

serious charges of dereliction of duty can be placed under suspension and then a

recommendation would be made by the minister to the Chief Secretary to undertake an

enquiry. That too, the minister has no authority to directly suspend the officer. He also

cannot place under suspension any officer of a department not related to him.

Palemar who had burnt his hands after trying to suspend Gokul who does not come under

his ports department, now saying that he would send erring officers home, has given

room for a public debate if the administration in the state is as per the rule of law or as

per the whims and fancies of the ministers.

It?s true that the Supreme Court has empowered the government to suspend corrupt and

inefficient officials but even that has a certain mechanism. There should be evidences

to prove that they are corrupt and inefficient ; there should also be an enquiry into the


Are we under any Gaddafi rule that a minister can directly dismiss an officer for the sole

reason that he has not paid heed to his dictat? It is indeed surprising that a minister of a

government which let alone honour the recommendations of the Lokayukta, even does

not hesitate to promote tainted officials, has made such a statement

The District Minister Palemar also holding the environment portfolio, who has until

now failed to shut down the UPCL which has made life hell like for Padubidri and

Nandikur people, is now speaking about dismissing officials.

In case he wants to dismiss any official, let him first send home the mines department

and police officials who had to face Lokayukta enquiry in connection with the detection

of illegal stocking of sand in the college owned by the minister. Instead of taking any

step, Palemar has moved the court against the media which has exposed the illegal sand

mining business.

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