Khazi death: CBI probe arouses curiosity

Posted on Mar 29th, 2011 and filed under General.

KASARGOD: As the CBI probe into the case of the suspicious death of the Mangalore

Khazi CM Abdulla Maulvi is progressing, it has aroused much curiosity in public circles.

The CBI team which is presently camping in Kasargod has kept an eye on a few

suspected persons and is even expected to collect their finger prints.

The finger prints of some persons which have already been collected have been sent for

examination and the results are awaited. The CBI team has already enquired over 50

persons who had contact with the late Khazi.

The body of the Khazi was found on the Kiyur shores on February 15 last year. The

Khazi had left home early in the morning and his room was also locked from outside with

a new lock. Investigations have also been done on the basis of the finger prints collected

from the lock. Though the Crime Branch police, who initially investigated the case, had

collected the finger prints, they could not do much headway into the investigations.

Meanwhile, the CBI team could even collect a telephone number from which the Khazi

had received several calls the previous day. However, the person was in the hospital, the

last time he called from this number. The person had died recently and suspicions are also

gaining ground regarding the death of this person.

Meanwhile, the CBI is learnt to have gathered some vital clues regarding the killers and

has even visited the spot where the body of the Khazi was found. The CBI team has also

gathered details regarding the tide in the area and is learnt be planning to place a dummy

corpse in the area to conduct a test.

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