Pavanje bridge suffers as official apathy continues

Posted on Jan 15th, 2011 and filed under Special Report.

MANGALORE: The Pavanje bridge constructed across Nandini river on the National

Highway 17 is in a dangerously bad state. The several cracks which had developed on the

bridge much earlier, have widened , giving all indications of the dangers that lay ahead.

Every time a heavy vehicle passes through there is a strong vibration in the bridge,

giving rise to fear in the minds of travelers.

But the National Highway Authority of India has preferred to turn a blind eye to the

problem. In fact, the condition of this bridge had worsened ever since the overloaded ore

lorries began to use this road.

When The Canara Ties had contacted the executive engineer of the NH Department a

month ago, he had then assured to inspect the bridge and do the needful. Soon some

steps were taken to seal the cracks with just mud and the rains washed away the soil

bringing back the road to its original condition. ? Riding a vehicle, particularly a two-

wheeler is a big challenge on this bridge and whenever the vehicle passes through the

large cracks, fear creeps in our minds,? say a regular traveler.

Though a new bridge is under construction to coincide with the four-laning project, the

old bridge too has to be repaired as it is this bridge that will be used until the new bridge

is operational.

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