Sucharitha Shetty?s defection irks JD(S) men

Posted on Dec 24th, 2010 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE: There is widespread resentment among the JD(S) workers of the district

over their erstwhile leader Sucharitha Shetty who has now joined the BJP fold for no

valid reason. Shetty who enjoyed several positions courtesy the JD(S) had even been the

ZP President.

Though it is natural for politicians to defect when their parent party does injustice to them

or fails to grant them suitable status, this has not been the case with Sucharitha Shetty,

argue party men. The only reason for Shetty?s defection is his greed for power, argue

people of his hometown

Shetty has proved that he was no less than any opportunist politician by defecting to the

BJP,while the underlying intention has been to secure a ticket for his wife Sunitha Shetty

to contest from the BJP.

In fact during the previous ZP elections, Sucharitha Shetty could contest and win only

due to two other JD(S) leaders Diwaker Shetty and MAS Aboobakker who were ticket

aspirants but finally decided to backtrack allowing Shetty to contest. Another JD(S)

leader Amarnath Shetty was also instrumental in Shetty getting the ZP chief?s post

despite being a first time ZP member, by seeing to it that another senior JD(S) leader

Azeez Malar could not make it to the top.
Now, the general feeling among JD(S) workers is that he has ditched the party in the

eleventh hour by totally neglecting his parent party and its workers who cooperated with

him and strived for his success. It is said that though the JD(S) had permitted his wife

to contest from the party, he had turned down the offer saying neither him nor his wife

would contest the polls this time.

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