The namesake Coastal Development Authority

Posted on Nov 15th, 2010 and filed under Editorials.

Even as the development mantra often chanted by CM Yeddyurappa has turned out to be

a big joke, the several task forces and authorities which have been constituted by him for

the development of different areas, too have turned out to be mere decorative bodies.

For that matter even the Coastal Development Authority constituted with the intention

of achieving the overall development of the coastal districts considered the gateway of

development of the whole state, has remained a mere letter head authority.

A glance at the works of the Coastal Development Authority that was constituted after

the Yeddyurappa government came to power will reveal that it has practically achieved

nothing. In fact the Authority was constituted just to fit Nagaraj Shetty to some post,

after the CM was unable to pacify the leader who was adamant on enjoying some posting

despite being defeated in the election.

Ever since the Authoirity was constituted, the only task done by Shetty was to promise

development wherever he went, only to remind the people of the existence of an

Authority. Except for this, nothing much has been achieved. In the recent days, Shetty

has even forgotten to mention about the agenda of the Coastal Development Authority.

In fact, the Authority made news whenever Shetty was seen accompanying the CM

during his visit to the district. Usually, the captions of the photographs of the CM also

showing Shetty would mention Shetty as the Chairman of the Authority.

Apart from this, the only benefit of this post for Shetty has been that he had the

opportunity to be seated on the dais with top officials and leaders at various functions.

Even in the progress review meets, it was Shetty who stood apart from the rest, not

because of anything, but his attire with a colorful shawl.

In reality, the district has practically not benefited from this Authority. The roads of the

district remain as bad as ever and so is the condition of the highways.

Though the ADB aided developmental project made much news years ago, as of now

none seems to be bothered about the aid as well as the works undertaken with the aid.

Even the Coastal Development Authority had not bothered much about it.

At least the Development Authority had not even tried to pressurize the Railway

authorities to yield to the longstanding railway needs of the region. For that matter there

has been practically no improvement as far as basic amenities to industrial areas are

concerned (Here on has to ask as to what the KUIDFC headed by MLA Yogish Bhat was

All these are only raising question marks regarding the achievements and capabilities

of the government. But to speak about the development of the coastal district, when the

government machinery has come to a standstill, is as good as hitting a dead horse.

Still, it is our duty and responsibility to question as to what the authorities constituted for

our benefit are doing. The ruling party men, who are chanting the development mantra,

have to answer this question.

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