Cashew Corpn a biriyani centre –not Ganji Kendra !, says Chief Lakshman Gowda

Posted on Sep 30th, 2009 and filed under General.

PUTTUR : There had been an allegation against the Cashew Development Corporation that it was responsible for the dissidence that cropped up in the Puttur BJP, after it was dubbed as a ‘Ganji Kendra’ by the former Puttur MLA Shakuntala Shetty, while politely turning down the offer to chair the Corporation, a couple of years ago. But as things stand as of now, the new President of the Corporation Kuntikan Lakshman Gowda, a defector to the BJP from the JD(S), is all set to develop the Corporation, not as a Ganji Kendra, but as a Biriyani Centre.
In fact it was when this very own Gowda was serving as the TAPCMS chief, that the fertilizer scam involving several lakhs of rupees was unearthed in the Society during the tenure of the BJP-JD(S) government. In the developments that followed, Gowda was thrown out of the BJP forcing him to join the JD(S). Though people close to Gowda had then very well knew that his honesty had been misused by some unscrupulous elements, resulting in the scam, nothing much could be done.
Gowda who is also a relative of State BJP chief DV Sadananda Gowda, had later on even become an MLA from the JD(S) and had finally quit the party to join his parent party.
Now as the new chief of the Cashew Development Corporation, Gowda has a chance to prove himself as a good leader and administrator. Contrary to Shakuntala Shetty’s earlier remark that the Corporation was a Ganji Kendra, Gowda, in a chat with pressmen recently, said he intends to develop it into a Biriyani Centre, as the corporation was sure to benefit growers.
Gowda has also made clear his plans of doing something good through the Corporation. Now, an opportunity is before Gowda to prove himself by making good use of the post offered to him at a time when the areas under cashew cultivation are declining.

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