A cursed bridge

MANGALORE: Dakshina Kannada and Udupi are two fast growing districts which are

witnessing rapid strides in development. The roads of the district are also being widened.

Presently three four-laning projects are in progress viz Suratkal-BC Road, Suratkal-

Kundapur and Nantur-Talapady road.

As far as the Suratkal-BC Road project is concerned, the general feeling is that it is an

unending project. The project which was initiated in 2005 was supposed to complete

in December 2007 but is still limping even as 2010 is to draw to a close in a couple of

The general feeling is that the project may not be complete for another ten years.

When one mentions about this project, one will have to mention about a cursed bridge

enroute Suratkal-BC Road- it is the Baikampady bridge. Though the four-laning project

had commenced in 2005, so far this bridge has remained untouched.

The Baikampady over bridge is very congested and was constructed keeping in mind

the traffic density a decade ago. Today with the density of vehicles increased by several

folds, the bridge is unable to cope with the heavy traffic.

There is absolutely no space on this bridge when two heavy vehicles approach each other

here. A pedestrian on the road at such a time, is sure to face difficulties.

Traffic blockades are a regular feature here and it takes hours for the traffic to clear. As if

this is not suffice, the road is filled with several potholes The over bridge belongs to the

railways and Gavasane, Project director of NHAI says separate tenders have been invited

to construct this four-lane bridge.

Speaking to The Canara Times, he said the bridge has not been included in the ongoing

four-laning project.

He said already a tender had been invited for the construction of a four-lane bridge at

Baikampady, with no response. Therefore, a second tender has been invited, he said.

Once the works are initiated the project is expected to be complete in a year, he informed.