Leaders sore over Jayakirana for misusing names of organizations

Posted on Sep 30th, 2010 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : Various organizations and leaders of different communities have expressed their ire over Jayakirana eveninger which was using the names of different organizations for its personal gains, after threatening the Karavali Ale vendors through its own hired goons and then claiming that various organizations are agitated against Karavali Ale.

Jayakirana owner has not only tried to project Karavali Ale as anti-minority for the sole reason that Karavali Ale had published a report against bar owner Lancy Menezes who was part of a conspiracy against Karavali Ale staff, but has also failed in his effort. Though he has mentioned in his daily at least four to five times that ‘Christian organizations” have expressed anguish against Karavali Ale, the reports have not even mentioned the name of the organization even once.

Several Christian leaders who have regretted the involvement of a member of their community in the plot against Karavali Ale, have also objected to Jayakirana action of misusing the names of Christian organizations. Christian leader PB D’Sa has also challenged Jayakirana to make public the name of the Christian organization that has expressed its ire over Karavali Ale which in fact had published several pro-Christian reports on various occasions including the church attack case.

A Christian leader even revealed how Jayakirana during the church attack case had tried to say that it was the fault of the Christians itself and had even favoured the police.

Leaders of various Hindu organizations have clarified that “We have not hindered the newspaper circulation.” They have also said that they would initiate necessary action if someone was misusing the name of their organization.

Sharan Pumpwell, Bhajrangdal leader has said “ Our organization has never obstructed Karavali Ale sale. Our boys have not been part of the act. May be some others might be resorting to such act in the name of our organization.”

“ None of our boys too have been part of the operation against Karavali Ale. In case anyone threatens Karavali Ale sellers in the name of Sri Rama Sene, let the sellers contact Sri Rama Sene leaders or myself over mobile. We will teach a lesson to such people,” Kumar Malemar, District President of Sri Rama Sene has reacted. He has even requested to provide his mobile number to the newspaper sellers.

Sharath, Rama Sene leader of Padavinangady has said “ If any organization or individual has erred, then it would be nothing wrong for newspapers to pinpoint them. If Karavali Ale has written against our organization, we do not regret the same. If we are not happy, then we can go in for a legal recourse but should not take law into our hands. Our organization would not make such a move.”

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