Moral brigade at work once again in city

Posted on Sep 23rd, 2010 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : Activists of a Hindu organization, in a case of mistaken identity,

thrashed a Hindu youth seated next to a young lady in a bus, after concluding that he was

a Muslim, at Pumpwell in the city on the night of September 21. Tuesday.

It is learnt, the young woman from Manipur, had arrived at the Karavali Circle bus stand

at Pumpwell to board a Bangalore bound bus. A classmate of her who happens to be a

Muslim had also accompanied her and had helped her with her luggage.

Meanwhile, the Hindu organizations which gathered news that a Muslim youth was

accompanying a Hindu girl, followed the two who were unaware of the same. When

the organization was busy gathering its members, the Muslim youth had left the place

after helping the woman. Meanwhile around 12 Hindu activists boarded the bus and took

everyone unawares when they caught hold of a Hindu youth who was found seated next

to the girl, beat him up black and blue and did not hear him despite him pleading that he

had nothing to do with the woman. The youth who was badly bruised was admitted to a

hospital by locals. Meanwhile, the police who arrived at the scene also reportedly did not

bother about the young man who was injured.

However locals revealed that the assailants were members of a Hindu organization.

A resident of a nearby Dalit colony also said “The men who were in the group were

the ones who were instigating violence in the name of religion and were Bhajrangdal


Police Commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh who confirmed that such an incident has

taken place, said so far no one has lodged any complaint. Even the young woman, he

said, had left for Bangalore and that the police were trying to contact her and get her

lodge a complaint.

Sharan Pumpwell, District President of Bhajrangdal when contacted clarified by saying “

Our organization has nothing to do with the incident.”

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