New born dies in Ladygoschen ; angry relatives picket hospital

Posted on May 26th, 2010 and filed under Crime/Mishaps.

MANGALORE: Agitated members of the general public picketed the Ladygoschen Hospital in the city and took the medical officer to task after a new born died in the hospital where the ventilators were not functioning due to the neglect of the staff.

Sunitha, wife of Jagadish of Mulki Angaragundi had been admitted to the hospital on Monday morning and she had delivered a baby girl the same morning at 10.45 am. As it was a premature baby, the baby was kept in the ventilator. The baby was said to be healthy. However the baby started to bleed from its nose in the night and the child had died the next morning. However, the doctors and the staff had kept the matter in dark.

Later on gathering the news, Sunitha’s relatives gathered outside the hospital and took the staff to task when they were told that the child had died on Monday afternoon and that prior to that the hospital had demanded blood to save the child and had even secured a thumb impression of the relative and that the blood was however not provided.

However Sunitha’s mother who was in the hospital during night says the hospital staff had not said anything that they needed blood for the child nor was her thumb impression secured. Moreover, she said she was a literate and could sign on her own.

In fact it is learnt, three women named Sunitha had been admitted to the hospital for delivery and all the three had delivered. It is suspected that the staff might have secured the thumb impression from the relative of some other Sunitha.

It may be recalled here that a woman named Mallika (26) too had died during child birth in the hospital some time back.

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