The tree waiting to be felled for road widening work in Kankanady

Posted on Sep 10th, 2009 and filed under Special Report.

Alternative road map to save trees in Kankanady!

MANGALORE: The trees from Kankanady to Marnamikatte need not be felled to facilitate civil works in connection with the road widening work, according to city’s eminent architect Venkatesh Pai. He has developed a plan that would be a lesson for the MCC to implement people and environment friendly development. While the plans by the MCC have been developed by taking into consideration the growth of the city in the next few years ‘ time, the plan designed by Pai takes into consideration all the developmental needs of the city for the next 25 years.
A group of citizens led by the Citizens Forum for Development of Mangalore and other like minded organization have drawn up an action plan to save the trees along the Kankanady-Marnamikatte road, during a meeting held in Roshni Nilaya. During this meeting, the citizens have selected Venkatesh Pai to develop a people and environment friendly development plan as against the plan developed by the Technical Advisor to MCC and builder Dharmaraj.
On Wednesday evening Venkatesh Pai explained with the help of maps drawn by him how the roads can be constructed without sacrificing trees, to a gathering in Roshni Nilaya. He has placed two options before the MCC
In the past, a giant tree near which was due to be felled for similar purposes was relocated by uprooting the entire tree and planting it in Mannagudda at the initiative of Vidya Dinakar of Citizens Forum for Development of Mangalore, where the tree is growing strong at present. According to the plan envisaged by Pai, the existing trees can be relocated to the vacant private lands on either sides of the road by using the latest technology.
The second option is the construction of a six lane road by retaining the trees as they are, but in the process some private lands may have to be acquired for this purpose. Pai stressed the need for concerted efforts on the part of MCC and district administration for implementing this plan. In other words the religious places and other individuals must be prepared to forgo a small portion of their land, he said.
Problems of Nandigudda road
According to Venkatesh Pai, while the construction of the road from Fr. Muller’s Hospital to Roshni Nilaya presents no major problems, the construction work from Roshni Nilaya onwards up to Nandigudda presents several problems. While a four lane road is essential by taking into account the developmental requirements of another five years, a six lane road is required if the same period is extended to 25 years, according to Pai.
Now the question is will the MCC and the general public approve the plan as envisaged by the Citizens forum for Mangalore Development and developed by Pai?

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