Ploy to fix innocent Muslim youth on charges of attempting to kill advocates?

Posted on May 6th, 2010 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE: In a shocking development, police and a pro-BJP advocate were reportedly conspiring to push innocent Muslim youth behind bars on false charges of attempting to kill advocates.

It is believed that this was nothing but a ploy to silence senior advocate Purushottam Poojari who is struggling to secure justice in the advocate Naushad murder case, by lodging complaint even against the police.

It may be recalled here that Poojari had lodged a complaint alleging that a few police officials, by securing the help of rowdies had eliminated advocate Naushad Kashimji who was the legal counsel for the so called Davood aide Rasheed Malabari. In the developments later on, the Bar Council had resolved that no advocate should take up the case in favour of those accused of killing or attempting to kill advocates. This has left the nearly 25 persons who are behind bars in the Naushad murder case and other cases of attempts on lives of advocates languish in the jail in the absence of lawyers to argue for them.

It is noteworthy here that there are five police officials too who are accused in the case of Naushad murder.

Reports say the police who are well aware that advocate Purushottam Poojari was instrumental in making the Bar Council pass the resolution, are now chalking out a new strategy to make this decision flexible. Just three days ago, advocate Jagadish Shenava who has identified himself with the Hindu organizations and is also notorious for his inflammatory speeches, has lodged a complaint alleging that some Muslim youth had made an attempt on his life.

In this backdrop, police have arrested two innocent youth namely Iqbal and Iliyas, residents of Karkala and Vamanjoor respectively, alleges Ullal’s social activist Kabeer.

“By doing so the police only intend at making Poojari come forward to take up the case of the Muslim youth and act against the Bar Council resolution that advocates should not take up cases of those accused of making attempts on the lives of advocates. This has also made innocent Muslim youth as scapegoats,” alleges Kabeer.

Allegations are also being heard that police officials were securing lakhs after threatening some Muslim youth belonging to affluent families by saying they would be arrested on charges of attempting to kill advocates. They, it is learnt, have even prevented a Bantwal advocate from taking up the case in favour of Iqbal and Iliyas, who were arrested following Shenava’s complaint.

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