MCC had served notice to vacate City Centre

Posted on Apr 29th, 2010 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : It has been reliably learnt that the Mangalore City Corporation had already served a notice to the controversial City Centre owners in Mangalore to vacate the building on the grounds that some shops and other outlets had been opened at the City Centre Shopping Mall on KS Rao Road without the requisite permit from the MCC.

Already the Congress leaders had expressed strong opposition to the inaugural of the building sans MCC clearance last week, But it has been gathered that the MCC had served a notice to the building owners even prior to that.

The notice signed by MCC Commissioner Vijayaprakash has said that business activities have been commenced in some of the outlets in the building prior to securing the permission of the MCC as per the Karnataka Municipal Act 301.The directive to the building owners to set right the discrepancies in the building, has been of no use. Even the Fire and Emergency Services Department has refused a no-objection certificate to the building. As per the Act, the building owners ought to have secured this certificate prior to inaugural. The outlets that have been opened violating the rules, should be immediately vacated, the notice said.

The notice has been issued in the names of Usha K Shetty and SM Arshad of Mohtisham Complexes who have rights over this building. Five days after this notice has been served the City Centre building had been inaugurated in the presence of district minister Krishna Palemar, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, Mayor Rajani Dugganna and others. Presently, retail outlets and banks too are operating unauthorisedly in this building.

While the building was under construction, the MCC had served notices in April 2007 and April 4, 2009. On April 20, 2009, a hearing was also held in the Commissioner’s court in this regard. Then the MCC had directed the building owner to demolish the two storeys that had been raised without permission. As far as the present notice is concerned, sources indicated that the MCC has decided to forcibly evict the outlets in the City Centre, if the owners failed to reply to the notice immediately.


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