Hanakona atrocities : HC dismisses writ by erring cops

Posted on Apr 26th, 2010 and filed under General.

KARWAR : The State High Court has dismissed the writ filed by the police officials challenging the State Human Rights Court ruling that has recommended their suspension and transfer, for committing atrocities on innocents during the protest against the Hanakona thermal power project. The Court while dismissing the petition said the State High Court would not intervene in the ruling given by the Commission.

It may be recalled here that during the protest against the proposed Hanakona project, the police had wielded lathi against innocents without any concern even for the women and the elderly and had even pushed several to the Bellary jail. The police atrocities were to such an extent that a comment was even heard that there had been no such sort of atrocities on innocents even during the British rule.

The SHRC Chairman who had personally visited the affected areas, had spoken to the victims and had even recorded the statement of the accused police officials. Later, in its ruling, the Commission had directed that the then DySP Babu Kolekar, CPI Basker Rai. Antony John and four other PSIs be suspended and transferred to a place outside the district. The ruling had come on October 23 last year. But, before the government could take any action, the accused police officials had moved the High Court challenging the SHRC decision.

Now it has been reliably learnt that the HC had dismissed the writ by remarking “The decisions of the Commission are in the form of recommendations to the government. It is left to the government to either take or not to take action on its basis. Therefore, the High Court to intervene in the proceedings or the recommendations of the Commission.”

Transferred as per dept rules : Meanwhile, senior police officials say the transfer of a few of the erring cops after the incident, was not as per the SHRC recommendations but as per the police department rules itself. Some of the erring cops, it is learnt, were still serving in their earlier postings itself.


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