Beary Academy awards to undeserved ?

Posted on Mar 24th, 2010 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : The announcement of the Karnataka Beary Sahitya Academy Awards has created some sort of resentment in Beary literary circles with complaints being heard that the selection committee instead of selecting the deserved persons for the award has chosen those whose contributions to Beary literature was insignificant.

The Academy has chosen Ahmed Noori, Maulana Abul Hassan Mohammad Maulvi and Ismail Ustad Suribail for the honorary awards for the year 2009. What is being said of now is that the literary men of the Sunni sect had been totally neglected while selecting the awardees and that the applications submitted by several had been rejected giving lame excuses.

Though Noori selected for the award is no doubt a scholar in Kannada, Arabic, Persian, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu, Hindu and English, his contributions to Beary language is just a few poems. Even two of his works namely ‘Maikala’ and Hijari Samskarana Sanchike’ are authored in Kannada and not Beary language.

Even Abul Hassan, Director of Beary Information Centre and Arabic Institute of Mangalore, has translated a few works into Kannada while his contributions to Beary literature is nil. The other awardee Ismail Ustad Beary though a teacher of the folk art Duff, has not contributed anything to Beary literature.

The complaint is that the Academy Chief has only chosen those belonging to particular sect for the award, while neglecting men like Vahab Doddamani, Fakir Mohammad Katpady, Hasanabba Moodbidri, Mohammad Baddoor, Rahim and others who have made distinguished contributions to Beary literature. Moreover it is also being said that only rich writers were considered for the award.

Plans to move court ?

Sources revealed that some members of the community are already considering the option of moving the court seeking dissolution of the Beary Sahitya Academy which was in the clutches of a few influential persons. There is also an allegation that the present chairman MB Abdul Rahiman was dancing to the tunes of a few persons resulting in the misuse of Rs 20 lakhs sanctioned by the Government for the Academy activities.

Here it is worth recalling that the Kodagu Sahitya Academy was earlier dissolved owing to a similar allegation.

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