Parking problem continues to haunt city

Mangaluru : Anyone who visits the Central Market Road in Mangaluru will realise that the situation is chaotic there, thanks to the haphazard parking of two-wheelers and four-wheelers least bothered about the inconvenience they cause to others.
Parking of vehicles in no parking areas too have become a regular feature in Mangaluru. The main reason for this problem is the failure to adhere to construction norms and make arrangements for parking of vehicles in case of many buildings in Mangaluru. Even the City Corporation has failed to attach enough importance to the problem resulting in the present chaos.
The density of traffic in most of the city roads is so high that vehicles have to inevitably move at a snail’s pace. Even the erratic parking of vehicles add to the traffic menace, points out a social activist.
The only solution to the parking problem of the city is to set up parking zones and also to construct multi-level parking facilities. Though one such multi-level parking complex is proposed in the old service bus stand area, the project has not yet taken off. The new MUDA Chief Suresh Ballal has assured to give priority to this project and it is now left to be seen if the project would be implemented at the earliest.