Disappointment as MCC asked to store water upto only 5 meters in new vented dam


Mangaluru : The second vented dam at Thumbay which is now getting readied for water storage and is believed to be a great boon for the city of Mangaluru, has some disappointment in store.
Though it was initially stated that the water could be filled in the dam upto a height of seven meters, latest reports reveal that permission has been given to fill water only upto five meters. Mangaluru which had witnessed an unprecedented water crisis this summer has pinned hopes on the second vented dam on the grounds that the city may not have to face a similar problem in the future once the second vented dam is operational.
However, the latest reports that Chief Secretary to the state government Subashchandra Kuntia has instructed the MCC to store water only upto five meters in the dam however has been a relief to some farmers whose lands would have otherwise submerged. It has been gathered that the earlier plans to store water upto seven meters was dropped paying heed to the appeal of farmers in the vicinity of 11 kms of the dam who would be affected due to the project.
The old vented dam constructed in the year 1993 can store water upto a height of 4.3 meters.