Can restrictions alone put an end to mishaps involving school vehicles ?


Mangaluru : Following the recent road mishap at Trasi in Kundapur involving a bus and a Maruti Omni that crushed eight tender lives, the administration has taken a number of precautionary measures and has also warned drivers of school vehicles against negligent driving. None can raise objection to this. Several restrictions have also been imposed on vehicles carrying school children. However, the question is whether such restrictions would be able to put a check on road accidents.
It is a fact that the administration always resorts to such stern measures whenever there is some major mishap. Even the Police Department remains on its alert and starts initiating action against vehicles flouting the rules. This is what is being witnessed in Mangaluru since the past few days.
Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim has already stated that all guidelines will have to be strictly adhered to by July 10. But can such moves actually make the drivers adhere to the guidelines ? It is a fact that many schools still do not have the school buses of their own. This makes it inevitable for private vehicles to ferry children to and fro schools. Many vehicles even carry more children than the prescribed limit in their vehicles as against the rules. Many parents also do not mind sending their kids in such vehicles.
The administration has said that all school vehicles must be painted in yellow, should display full details of the school and should have first aid boxes. It has also imposed restrictions on the number of children to be taken in each vehicle.
Meetings of parents, drivers and school authorities are also being convened in some places. But will all the rules be adhered to at one go ? Probably the answer to the problem would be for all schools to have their own school buses instead of forcing parents to rely on private vehicles.