Mangaluru cops keep a strict eye on errant bike riders

Mangaluru : Traffic police of Mangaluru have been of late keeping a strict eye on two-wheeler riders following several complaints from members of the public that two-wheeler riders have been flouting traffic rules causing great inconvenience to them.

It has also been noticed that many bike riders halt their vehicles right on zebra crossings near many signal circles and are also resorting to over speeding and overtaking. Many are also seen around without helmets.

The police will henceforth take photographs of bike riders flouting rules and send the same to their higher officials. Notices will then be served to them as per Section 133 of the Indian Motor Vehicles Act. Penalty will also be imposed on erring riders.

In case the erring rider fails to appear at the police station or to pay the penalty then a court notice would be served on them, inform traffic officials.