Fraudulent groom arrested

Posted on Feb 22nd, 2010 and filed under Crime/Mishaps.

VITTAL : Puttur police in a swift move, arrested a fraudulent and an already married man with two kids, who was all set to tie the knot to a young girl with the sole intention of robbing her of her gold and cash. The arrest took place at a temple where the man was supposed to marry a young girl on Sunday.
The arrested has been identified as Sunder Poojari (45) of Savanoor. The already married man intended to marry Bhagirathi, daughter of Ramanna Poojari of Lakkoni village, when he was arrested due to the presence of mind of the local Self-Help Group members who alerted the police.
Sunder Poojari was married to one Yashoda of Santhya of Eshwaramangala about 18 years ago and had two children from her. Still he aspired to remarry and was encouraged by Narayan Rai of Punachattar, a marriage broker by profession. He was ably assisted by Yamuna of Balnad. It is learnt Rai had told Yamuna that he needed a bride for a prospective groom. She had accordingly taken Sunder to Savitha, daughter of Giriappa. However he rejected her on the grounds that she was taller than him. Later the broker took him to Ramanna Poojari’s house. However though Sunder agreed to marry Poojari’s daughter Bhagirathi, the girl’s brother did not like the groom. Still an adamant Sunder wanted to marry Bhagirathi and as a last resort even threatened the girl’s family.
Meanwhile, Bhagirathi informed the matter to a friend who even gave her a free advice to elope with the boy if she liked him. Even Bhagirathi thought that it would be the right decision. On the other hand, the marriage broker informed her that the marriage arrangements were made at a temple at Puttur and asked her to get a cash of Rs 15000 and gold .
However Bhagirathi who did not have cash, sought a loan of Rs 15000 during the meeting of the Sri Raksha Women’s SHG of which she was a member. When the Group wanted to know the reason she informed about the wedding. However the SHG members suspecting foul play informed the police.
Meanwhile, the groom was all set at the temple at Puttur on Sunday with a duplicate Mangalasutra in his hands, but only to find the khaki clad men who arrested him and sent him behind bars. Meanwhile the marriage broker Narayana Rai was successful in giving the cops a slip. Police have launched a search for him.

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