Justice Saldanha asks CM to drop Acharya from cabinet

Posted on Feb 5th, 2010 and filed under General.

MANGALORE: Transparency International’s Karnataka chapter President and former High Court Judge Justice MF Saldanha has taken strong exception to home minister VS Acharya’s statement that it was impossible for the government to provide protection to all churches. Justice Saldanha said in case the CM failed to drop Acharya from the cabinet for his ‘irresponsible’ statement, one will be forced to conclude that even the CM agreed with the home minister in this regard.
“Christians are in no way surprised from the home minister’s statement. Acharya’s statements only indicated that he wanted more attacks to take place on churches. But Christians are preparing themselves to face such acts by miscreants,” Justice Saldanha said in his People’s Enquiry Report on the Church attacks in the state.
“In most of the church attack cases, it seems that the police themselves had instigated such heinous attacks. It is better for Acharya and his police personnel to keep distance from churches,” Saldanha has reacted sharply in the report further adding a man like Acharya continuing as home minister was a mockery of the democratic system.

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