One more fire mishap in MRPL

Posted on Aug 26th, 2009 and filed under Crime/Mishaps.

By CT reporter

MANGALORE : A major fire reportedly caused by electric short circuit broke out at the MRPL plant at Kuttettur Bala near Surathkal on August 24 incurring crores of rupees of loss to the company.

The power supply came to an abrupt halt in the unit following a technical problem developed by the power generation unit of MRPL. The fire was first noticed in the second unit of MRPL and is learnt to have damaged the raw materials in the production unit of the factory.The fire safety personnel of the company struggled hard to extinguish the fire amid the darkness that had enveloped the entire unit.

The operations of MRPL is learnt to have come to a standstill for the last couple of days due to fluctuations in the power supply. It is said that it may take a few more days to resume the operations even after the power supply is restored. MRPL is once again set to suffer huge financial losses due to this.

Playing with lives of people

Speaking to The Canara Times, the Bala Gram Panchayat Vice President Gregory Patrao said “We are least bothered about the losses suffered by MRPL. But they are playing with the lives of our people. Only a few days ago a terrible sound was heard from the MRPL and people were seen running helter skelter. When we contacted the MRPL officials regarding this incident we were told that it was only a minor incident whereas another official told us that nothing had happened. If they keep on hiding such incidents from public glare, a day will come when nothing will be left inside MRPL”

“Whenever a fire accident takes place in MRPL due to safety lapses, it is invariably brought to the notice of the district administration. But the Deputy Commissioner has not initiated any step in this direction. If the situation continues like this, we will be forced to mobilize people against both the company and the District Administration” Gregory Patrao warned.

Haunted by the ghost?

The Assistant General Manager -public relations officer of MRPL Laxmi Kumaran thinks the evil spirits haunting the MRPL are responsible for the frequent incidents of fire mishaps in the factory. Apparently she had been told by an astrologer whom the former had approached regarding the ghost that has been haunting MRPL that two ghosts have taken shelter in a banyan tree near the entrance to the factory. Based on this the AGM-PRO of MRPL got a person practicing witchcraft from Kerala to initiate necessary rituals to exorcise the ghosts. The Managing Director of MRPL himself has been reported to have personally attended the rituals!

This has become a butt of ridicule among the MRPL workers who now mockingly remark that the ghosts which have been evicted from their shelter seem to have become wandering spirits and indulging in mischief in the factory. The villagers have urged that the company must immediately plug the loopholes in its safety systems and stop indulging in all this tom foolery like witch crafts, etc.

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