With no solution in offing, Kumaradhara bridge submerges again

SUBRAHMANYA : The Kumaradhara Bridge, a vital link to the famous pilgrim shrine of Subrahmanya has been submerged due to heavy rains for the first time this monsoons thereby hitting hard many who were caught on other sides of this bridge. Here it is worth mentioning that the repeated demand to raise the heights of this bridge has fallen on deaf ears so far. Recently, there were even reports that the Subrahmanya shrine was the highest revenue yielding shrines of the state. Still, the failure to utilize at least a portion of the revenue to raise the height of the bridge, in the best interests of the pilgrims, has been a matter of great disappointment.

The submersion of the bridge is an annual feature and every year vehicles get queued up on both sides until water recedes or else opt for a roundabout route. As the bridge does not have embankments, it is also dangerous to use the bridge even if it has not submerged fully.

Sullia legislator S Angara says the government has released Rs 7 croes to upgrade the bridge and that the tender process has begun. He also informs that the works would begin once monsoon ends.