Moral brigade attacks Muslim youth at Ullal

Posted on Dec 24th, 2009 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE: A group of Hindu activists attacked a Muslim youth at the Someshwara beach in Ullal police station limits on Wednesday. Meanwhile constables of the local police station too reportedly attacked the Muslim youth without trying to know the facts. The youth subject to attack has been identified as Farhana Ahmed of Ullal while Salman Parris and Shivaprasad were successful in escaping from the clutches of the moral policemen.
The incident took place when some Hindu activists at the beach mistook a few Muslim youth were chasing a dog belonging to a couple who were at the beach. Suspecting that the Muslim youth had resorted to eve-teasing, the Hindu activists attacked the youth, though two of them were successful in escaping. The youth was also taken to the station where the constables too attacked him for no reason. Meanwhile the other two who escaped from the clutches of the moral policemen came across the SI AD Nagaraj who enquired them and took them to the station and reprimanded his subordinates for attacking the young man. Later SI Nagaraj informed that a misunderstanding that the youth teased a woman had led to the attack and also that the case had seen settled.

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