Shakuntala denies DK CWC winning any award

Posted on Dec 18th, 2009 and filed under Politics.

MANGALORE : Shakuntala, the Deputy Director of the District Department of Women and Child Development, has denied reports that the DK CWC had been awarded the Best CWC Award in the state.
In a media communique issued through the District Information Department, Shakuntala clarified by stating so ” The media has reported of the suspension of the DK District CWC. Several newspapers have even reported that the CWC of DK had won the best CWC Award. But the government has so far not given any award to the DK CWC.”
The CWC was in fact selected for the Best CWC Award by the department on March 7, 2008. Ironically, the two officials of the department, Fathima Nusruth and Lakshmikanthappa who had lifted five important files from the CWC office, reportedly at the behest of the Sangh Parivar, were in the panel which selected the DK CWC for the Award. The award was presented by Ashwath, Director of the State Department of Women and Child Development.
When Geo D’Silva, former member of the CWC was contacted he had this to say ” Let alone the award, just find out if Shakuntala at least knows how many street kids are there in the district, how many children are raped, and how many children are trafficked, attacked and subject to atrocities. How can the officer Shakuntala who is unaware of these aspects have information of the award won by the CWC ? Had she discharged her duties efficiently, then she would have had a knowledge of the award won by the CWC. But unfortunately, she is functioning not as an officer but as a politician.”

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