Sowjanya parents say vital points missing in Mahajar report

Posted on Nov 30th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

BELTHANGADY: Even as efforts are underway by some vested interests to suppress the agitations demanding a thorough probe into the rape and murder case of Ujire SDM College student Sowjanya, the reports that some vital aspects like mobile numbers etc which can be crucial in the investigation, have been missing in the mahajar report of the spot where Sowjanya’s body was found, gain significance.

This aspect has been a cause of concern even to the parents of Sowjanya who are fighting for justice and they have even made a written appeal in this regard to the Belthangady police.

If Sowjanya who had left for home from college on October 9 evening was reported missing, her body was found in a semi-nude state near the Netravathi bathing ghat.

As a mahajar of the spot plays a crucial role in the investigation, any error in the same may even help the real accused escape the clutches of law. Some of the vital points left out in the mahajar report have been identified. Some of the points highlighted by Sowjanya’s parents in their appeal made to the Belthangady police are as follows.

1)A slip bearing a mobile number was found beneath the right hand of Sowjanya’s body. When a witness took this slip in front of the public, the same was taken possession of by a police inspector. But why has this been not mentioned in the mahajar report?

2) Sowjanya was kidnapped from the Dharmasthala main road at around 4.15 pm on October 9 and it was raining continuously that day till midnight. This being the case, the report has nowhere mentioned if Sowjanya’s clothes or her books were wet. Neither is there any information on the slush in the place where the body was found.

3) The Mahajar report has also no mention of the slippers in one of Sowjanya’s legs and the roots of a tree beneath her back. Whether Sowjanya was raped at that spot or elsewhere could be ascertained if scratch marks of the roots of the tree, or traces of slush found in the area were found on her body. Though the report gives details and also the colour of Sowjanya’s clothing including her inner wear, it has not been mentioned whether they were wet or dry.

Sowjanya’s parents who have expressed doubts over the reasons which might have led to the omission of such vital points in the mahajar report, have in a written appeal to the DK SP and the Belthangady police have requested them to include the above mentioned points in the mahajar report.

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