Dept of women, child welfare officials chargesheeted for stealing CWC files

Posted on Dec 7th, 2009 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : A case has been registered against three officials of the Department of Women and Child Welfare alleging that they had had not returned the five files belonging to the CWC which they had taken after making a forcible entry into the CWC office. A chargesheet has also been filed in the JMFC Third Court against the Deputy Director of District Women and Child Welfare Department Shakuntala and field workers Nusrut and Lakshmikanthamma for forcible entry and theft.
One of the stolen files is pertaining to the documents of the court case with regard to the rape attempt on a minor girl at Belthangady in 2007 and the rehabilitation arrangements made by CWC for her. This case is presently before the High Court. The other file is that of the alleged detention of a one and a half year old orphan child by the Vajradehi seer of Gurupur in his mutt in 2008. There were nearly 42 documents in this file. The third file is pertaining to illegal detention of yet another orphan boy in the mutt.
CWC in its written complaint had said even files pertaining to the sale of a new born child named Skanda and another case pertaining to the Nirmala adoption centre in Ullal, were stolen.
Presently doubts are gaining ground if the CWC files were stolen at the behest of the Sangh Parivar.
Speaking to The Canara Times, CWC member said the departmental officials without any notice, had on December 4 made a forcible entry into the CWC office and had taken the five files. The Kavoor police have registered an FIR and the case has even been discussed with the SP, he said.

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