They hunted for a boar, but trapped and relished a goat

Posted on Aug 21st, 2012 and filed under General.

SULLIA : Two persons who had entered the forest areas at Koinadu near here to hunt a boar for fun, however chose to trap a goat which was grazing nearby, after not finding a boar. Not just that, they butchered the goat and had to their full only to be taken to task by the villagers.

It is learnt, Balakrishna and Charankumar had after a vain hunting expedition for a boar in Thomas Estate, laid their hands on a goat and relished its meat at home. The goat owner Padmayya Gowda who came to know of this, lodged a police complaint when the duo revealed the truth.
Reports state that they have now agreed to pay compensation to the owner of the goat.

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