Protestors are curbed in Mangalore, but not moral policemen!

Posted on Aug 18th, 2012 and filed under Editorials.

The present scenario in Mangalore is such that there is open scope for moral policemen to resort to immoral policing, but not for people who would like to stage peaceful protests. The police by denying permission for protests are trying to curtail the right to expression enshrined in the constitution.

The police here are also least bothered about the comments which their acts may invite from civil society and courts, particularly when they are only trying to protect the interests of the ruling party and the Sangh Parivar.

People like Kalladka and Karanths do not need any police permission to deliver provocative speeches wherever possible, but organizations which want to protest against moral policing and want to sensitize the society are curbed. There is a classic example for the same before us. Is it possible for anyone to justify the police action of arresting protestors when the Commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh who had earlier orally given consent for the protest, later chose to arrest the protestors?

The civil society is under the notion that the Police Commissioner who has the onerous responsibility of maintaining law and order, was only trying to appease the fundamentalist Parivar leaders. The needle of suspicion is towards the Commissioner. Why are the police who had booked an innocent student Vittal Malekudiya under Unlawful Activities Act, hesitating to invoke Goonda act on Sangh Parivar men who had manhandled women after barging into some place?

Though both the CM and Deputy CM are stating that the home stay attackers would be booked under Goonda Act, the Commissioner is acting deaf to the same.

The reaction and opposition of the student community of the district to the home stay attack wherein students were attacked, is far from suffice. Where are the leaders of the all college students union who otherwise resort to protest for every trivial reason ?

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