Audit report reveals misuse of Kajoor Darga funds

Posted on Aug 18th, 2012 and filed under Crime/Mishaps.

BELTHANGADY : An audit report of the Kajoor Darga has revealed that there had been misuse of funds to the tune of Rs 8.93 lakhs by the Darga management. The report regarding the irregularities has been submitted to the government,

The State Wakf Board had earlier dissolved the management of the Kajoor Rahmania Jumma Masjid and Darga Sharief following fund misuse, allegations and counter allegations. The issue had even led to a clash between two local groups.

The audit report has revealed that eight office bearers of the masjid management were guilty of fund misuse. The report names KS Shekabba, BA Yusuf Sharief, H Abbas, KA Aboobakker, KU Ibrahim, KH Mohammad, K Umarabba and PM Shekhabba as guilty in the case. The report has also remarked that the Rs 8,93,122 expenses shown by the management, was unnecessary and was nothing but misuse. There were no bills or receipts regarding the expenses made and fund was also misused by repaying a loan which was not availed at all, it revealed.

The report has also recommended that the Wakf Board can initiate legal action against those involved in the case under Section 62, Section 68, Rule 1-1995.

That the Masjid management had failed to furnish documents relating to expenses of the period from April 1, 2006 to September 7, 2011to the Wakf Board auditor H Abdul Rasheed who had visited Kajoor on July 17, 18 and 19, had further substantiated the doubts of fund misuse.

The Kajoor Darga, on an average earns an annual revenue of Rs 30 lakhs. However, the failure of the management to furnish account statement for the past four years, has given room for doubt. The report has also stated that the then management itself was responsible for fund misuse.

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