Villagers threaten to take up cudgels against Suzlon

Posted on Aug 18th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

PADUBIDRI : Villagers of Abtedi in Nadsalu of Padubidri have alleged that the Suzlon which came up in the area despite their opposition, was now contributing to pollution in the village by contaminating local water sources.

The villagers say though they had strongly protested against the setting up of the company, several people who had then joined the protest had now colluded with the company and have become its contractors, thus landing locals in distress.

The contractors who were nothing but the company agents, had given bountiful of assurances of providing all basic amenities but have failed to keep up their words, the villagers complained. They have alleged that the company was releasing its effluents in the open and was thus contaminating local water sources like wells resulting in health problems.

They have now made an ardent appeal to the Suzlon to let them live peacefully even if it failed to provide them the promised facilities. The condition of the only available good road in the village has turned from bad to worse and school children are inconvenienced as they had to take a roundabout route. They say they are disallowed into the site of the company even if they had to air their grievances.

They have also warned that they will have no other option but to go in for agitation if their problems persisted.

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