Homestay attack- a blow on Democracy

Posted on Aug 18th, 2012 and filed under News Analysis.

News Analysis

In the aftermath of the Morning Mist home stay attack in Mangalore, attempts are underway to project that the ‘bad habits’ of youngsters was leading to such cases. More than the attackers, the victims themselves are projected as culprits by many.

The Report of the State Women’s Commission led by C Manjula ascertains the above fact itself. The Commission has mainly tried to take note that the young men and women at the party had consumed drugs. Though The Women’s Commission has protection of women’s rights as its main objective, the opinion of the Commission Members in this regard differ glaringly.

Former Women’s Commission chairperson Prameela Nesargi suggests formation of a committee to fight against vices and to inculcate good values and virtues in youngsters. There is also the question how youngsters can be prevented from taking to liquor when there is no objection for adults to take to liquor privately.

Leaders like Nesargi fail to realize that framing any such rules would be in violation of democratic principles. There is no room for the cultural policemen to curtail the freedom of any individual. There is a need for the government to reject the report of the State Women’s Commission.

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