Piles of garbage right in front of GP office make a mockery of ‘Swacha Grama’

Posted on Aug 18th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

UPPINANGADY : Nekkilady village in Puttur taluk has earned the distinction of being a Clean Village(Swacha Grama). As if to counter this, one can see a virtual disease centre near the Raghavendra Mutt which is just a stone’s throw away from the local gram panchayat office. The area is filled with so much filth that it has given room for fear of spread of contagious diseases.

It is nothing but an irony that the gram panchayat has miserably failed in preventing people from dumping wastes right in front of its eyes. The area is stinking and still the panchayat has chosen to remain silent.

Villagers complain that even repeated appeal to clear the place of the garbage and prevent the people from dumping wastes, has fallen on deaf ears.

The villagers, as a last resort have warned that they would gather the waste and dump it right in front of the Gram Panchayat office, in case the Panchayat failed to act at the earliest.

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