Cattle heads floating in Kattattila lake, allege villagers

Posted on Aug 11th, 2012 and filed under Crime/Mishaps.


VITTAL: An allegation made by a woman at the Kolnadu Gram Sabha that large number of cattle heads are seen floating in the Kattattila lake waters along with other wastes, attracted the attention of the Gram Sabha, while also pointing towards the fact that some unauthorized slaughter house was operating in the area.

There had been reports earlier that an illegal slaughter house was operating in the land of a person at Aithakumeru in Salettur village.As if to justify this, a woman named Gulabi who resides in Killambarepadu which is just a stone’s throw away from Aithakumeru has made this allegation at the Kolnad-Salettur Gram Sabha.

Her allegation is that women of Aithakumeru and Killambare Padpu who went to the river side for washing clothes saw cattle heads and other animal wastes in the water

Several other villagers too joined Gulabi on the issue. Responding to the complaint, the Gram Panchayat President has assured to visit the spot and initiate suitable measures. It may be recalled here that Karavali Ale had recently carried a report about the illegal cattle transportation in Salettur area since some time.

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