Bus passengers stranded at Mukrumpady, thanks to KSRTC!

Posted on Aug 8th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

PUTTUR : The general notion about KSRTC buses is that the services are highly unsatisfactory. As if to prove this, the KSRTC bus crew of Puttur are virtually testing the patience of the people who have chosen to travel in the government buses.

One has to board any bus leaving the Puttur bus stand towards Sullia and other rural areas to have a firsthand experience. The buses duly pick up passengers from the bus stand. But, no sooner the bus reaches the KSRTC depot at Mukrumpady in the outskirts of Puttur it comes to an abrupt halt. The passengers are then asked to alight and the bus is taken inside the depot. When enquired, the bus crew say the bus is under repair and it takes almost 45 minutes for the bus to return from the depot. In between, the passengers who might have even been issued their tickets will be standing there out in the open be it sun or rain, cursing the bus crew and inevitably wait for the bus to arrive.

This is what is happening almost daily. Even if questioned, the drivers give the lame excuse that the bus cannot be stationed at the depot for long, while the actual reason is that they have the fear that the passengers would otherwise opt for private buses.

The KSRTC authorities had earlier even seen to it that the private buses did not pick up passengers from near the KSRTC bus stand in the town. However, the unwelcome practice of halting the buses at Mukrumpady has now forced many people to go in for private buses.

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