Messy side drains add to woes of Gangolli residents

Posted on Aug 8th, 2012 and filed under General.

GANGOLLI : Gangolli, though is famous as a fisheries port town, is facing innumerous civic problems that are waiting for solution. The monsoons this year have brought untold vagaries for Gangolli residents mainly due to the disorderly side drains.

The local administration which had turned a blind eye to the problem which has persisted since the past several years, chose to rise to the occasion, only when things turned from bad to worse. Presently, steps have been initiated to make the side drains free flow using a JCB. However, the heavy rains have only aggravated the problems and works are left half way through.

The wastes lifted from the drain are piled up on road sides, further narrowing the roads and making them unmotorable. The entire town wears a messy look with garbage lying on the road and has also given rise to the fear of spread of contagious diseases.

The residents of the town are hoping that the local administration would ensure steps to clean up the roads at the earliest.

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