Suicidal immoral activities of the moral policemen

Posted on Aug 7th, 2012 and filed under Editorials.

Why is it that the moral policemen indulging in unlawful activities are trying to roll back the needles of the clock only in DK and Udupi districts which are considered the land of the intelligent? Here, the role of several organizations aimed at religious revival of Hindu and minority communities, is evident. The low profile maintained by these organizations in other places, are not posing much of danger there. They may be RSS, VHP, Hinjave or even Muslim organizations like the Jamaat or the PFI. The problem is mainly because these organizations have evinced undue interest in uplifting their communities here.

If anyone is under the impression that moral policing is resorted to by only Hindu outfits, then they are wrong. The fundamentalist organizations of both the communities cannot tolerate men and women of different communities mingling with each other. It is owing to this reason that young pairs of different communities seen together in any public place are thrashed. As far as this issue is concerned both the Hindu and Muslim organizations are like minded. The Karavali Ale and The Canara Times have always highlighted even when the PFI (erstwhile KFD) too had resorted to raids on the lines of Hindu Jagarana Vedike and Sri Ramaa Sene. Religious fundamentalism, be it by Muslims or Hindus, is condemnable and unacceptable.

One sees a clear step towards elimination of caste system when forward communities which are facing dearth of young women from within the communities,are silently approving inter-caste marriages.

When someone dear to us is in danger and needs blood, we rush for blood of that particular blood group, but then, do not bother to know about the caste or community of the person who donated the blood. Here, life saving is the only motive. Then, why should this caste or community be a barrier when someone wants to have a party or get-together?


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