Karanth’s secret visit to residences of Subhash Padil gang

Posted on Aug 7th, 2012 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : Sources have revealed that Hindu Jagarana Vedike leader Jagadish Karanth has secretly visited the residences of Subhash Padil and his punters who are behind the bars in the Morning Mist Home Stay attack case.

It is being said the Karanth who is the state convener of the Vedike has visited the residences of Subhash, Sandeep Shetty, Taranath , Kaati and a few others and have convinced their family that he would prevail upon the government to get their early release.

The visits, however were not part of the tour schedule of Karanth. It may be recalled here that soon after the raid and the arrest of Hindu Jagarana Vedike activists, Karanth had claimed that the attackers were not Vedike activists.

In developments later on, the Government had said it would invoke Goonda Act on the main accused and this had invited the ire of the Subhash Padil gang in prison which had reportedly fumed and had told a few who had visited them, that they had been used and discarded. This had in a way worried the leaders and Karanth realizing that the Vedike would be nowhere if the situation does not change, has arrived in the district on the pretext of meeting activists in Puttur and Uppinangady and has even visited the residences of the accused. Reports say though he had plans to visit the prison, the programme was later cancelled.

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