Group led by Alevoor GP chief accused of barging into pvt property; assaulting old couple

Posted on Aug 6th, 2012 and filed under Crime/Mishaps.

UDUPI : A group of around seven to eight persons including the President and a member of Alevoor Gram Panchayat has been accused of barring into the property of an aged couple, attacking them and then demolishing the compound wall forcibly at Korangrapady.

The couple namely Sadashiva R Shetty (80) and his wife Shantha (75) have been admitted to Ajjarkad Government Hospital.

The complaint lodged with the police has named the accused as Alevoor GP chief Harish Kini and Alevoor GP member Sainath Hegde among others. It has been alleged that the assailants had demolished the compound wall which Shetty had constructed in his patta land. When the couple had opposed, they were pushed aside and threatened.

The couple has said that they have secured the panchayat permission on May 8, 2012 to raise compound wall and that the panchayat has served no notice to vacate the same.

When the GP Chief Harish Kini was contacted, he said “ Sadashiva Shetty of Korangrapady had constructed the compound wall unauthorisedly without the panchayat permission.” He further said three notices to Shetty to clear the compound wall or else pay the fine, had gone unheeded forcing the panchayat to demolish the compound wall with police protection.

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