Jamaat leaders oppose undue publicity in the name of ‘Zakath’

Posted on Aug 5th, 2012 and filed under General.

PUTTUR : A practice called “Zakath” is mandatory for the affluent Muslims during the holy month of Ramzan, wherein they are supposed to donate to the poor.

Kits are being distributed to poor Muslim families by various organizations, in the name of Zakath. But, the complaint that is being heard of late from some Jamaat leaders is that the honour of the poor is staked while distributing such kits by some organizations, purely for publicity purposes.

When it is part of a practice during the month of Ramzan to provide donations to the poor, many enjoy undue publicity in the process but publishing photographs of kits distribution in newspapers and in the internet. When 10 kgs of rice, a kg of sugar, some tea powder and dates are given in the form of kits, why the undue publicity, question many. Ilyas, a local Jamaat leader feels one should not misuse the mandate in Islam to gain publicity. Though the moves of some organizations to help the poor is welcome, photographs are taken even while distribution of rice, thus causing embarrassment to the poor, he says and adds Islam does not give scope for publicity while donation.

There is also complaint that some organizations which take photographs of the distribution function, then produce it before some foreign organizations and secure grant for the same. Here it is worth mentioning that a clash had taken place in a local masjid over this issue some time ago.

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