Waste dumping yard row in Vittal again

Posted on Jul 31st, 2012 and filed under General.

VITTAL : The garbage disposal issue of Vittal town has once again triggered a controversy. If the Gram Panchayat was initially dumping garbage at Palike, the severe protest from the people residing in the area had forced the Panchayat to shift the yard to some other place.

Of late, the panchayat was seen disposing garbage in a vacant private land at Alike and also in Anilakatte near the Kalenjimale reserve forest area.

Residents of these two areas now allege that wastes are disposed in a haphazard manner much to the inconvenience of the locals. There is also a complaint that the panchayat has dumped wastes in a careless manner even after gate crashing into a private land at Billampadavu in Alike.

The residents of Anilakatte even staged a protest against dumping wastes in the area and submitted a memorandum to the panchayat. The local delegation included Mohan Seraje of Vittal Shakti Kendra, Aboobakker Anilakatte, District President of Mangala Kala Sahitya Vedike and others.

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