What do our elected reps expect from new DK in-charge minister ?

Posted on Jul 25th, 2012 and filed under Editorials.

Media reports state that during the first official level meeting convened by the new DK District in-charge Minister CT Ravi in Mangalore, several of his own party MLAs drew the attention of the minister towards the several pending developmental projects and also about the lethargic functioning of the district administration.

One fails to understand whether to be happy or sad to read this. Till recently, a leader who hailed from the district was the chief minister of the state, and prior to that there was a minister who represented the district in the Yeddyurappa cabinet. Then, the people of the district were made to believe that Yeddyurappa had liberally granted funds for the development of the district. Can we expect something from the district minister who is more of a guest artist now, when the ruling party MLAs and the MPs of the party from the district could achieve nothing during their tenure?

According to Sangha Parivar sources, in reality none of the MLAs or MPs of the ruling party have development of the district on top of their agenda. What they wanted was G Category sites in Bangalore or other prominent cities of the state. Yeddyurappa had not only granted sites worth several crores to our MP and the minister,but had also given them a free hand to earn enough by transferring and posting officials of their choice. It is owing to this reason that none of our ruling party elected representatives opposed the day light robbery of Yeddyurappa. It is also one of the reasons why these elected representatives failed to shed even a single tear for DV Sadananda Gowda of this very district, who was forced to relinquish power.

Had our coastal MPs and MLAs worked with some zeal and conviction, then by now the airport road and Maani-Sampaje roads would have been complete. Similar, would have been the case with the Mangalore-Bangalore four-laning project. At least the four-laning would have progressed until Shiradi Ghat.The railway line doubling between Mangalore and Mumbai too could have been a reality. Even government buses would have functioned parallel to private buses in Mangalore. It is doubtful if these works would be complete at least during the remaining one year tenure of the BJP Government (if at all the government survives the term).

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