Kundapur traffic cops accused of daylight robbery

Posted on Jul 25th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

KUNDAPUR : The traffic police of Kundapur are in for criticism for indulging in daylight robbery of the motorists, thanks to the silence maintained by the higher-ups.

There are many who say the harassment by the traffic cops has doubled after some members of the public aired their grievances in this regard with MP K Jayaprakash Hegde earlier in the week.

There is the allegation that the traffic cops virtually threaten motorists who even have all records and documents. It is learnt, on Monday, a traffic cop who intercepted a motorist, seized all his vehicle records and then asked him to appear before the station next day. However, the next day, the cop pressurized the motorist to pay a penalty of Rs 100 and issued a receipt that too on demand, stating that the fine was imposed for not furnishing records. The documents were then returned to the motorist. The photograph given here shows the document furnished by the motorist and the fine receipt issued by the traffic cop.

This particular motorist who has not been penalized even once for violating traffic rules or for not producing records, disturbed by this sort of harassment, has informed the same to the media men who passed on the information to the MP who is learnt to have assured justice in this case.

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