New game by dissident leader DV

Posted on Jul 24th, 2012 and filed under Politics.

Is it easily believable when one says that former CM Sadananda Gowda who until recently was proclaiming by beating drums that he has been and will continue as a sincere party worker, has now cross voted in favour of Pranab Mukherjee in the presidential election? But it has to be believed. The High Command has summoned DV to Delhi immediately following a report in an English daily that of the 13 BJP MLAs who cross voted, 11 are Sadananda Gowda loyalists.

That dissidence is a disease that affects any party is evident from the Sadananda Gowda and Yeddyurappa instances. No sooner both lost power, they came to be identified as dissident leaders and by using this trump card are trying to rehabilitate themselves in the party.

There is also the shocking news that the Sadananda Gowda faction was even trying to defeat the Finance Bill of the Shettar government. It seems even Yeddy may lend a helping hand to DVS in this direction -for both are sailors of the same boat and are trying to gain power which they have lost.

Today there are three power centers in the ruling party. If Sadananda Gowda is heading the Okkaliga centric faction, Yeddyurappa is having the Lingayat centric faction, while Shettar belongs to the faction of those in power. If the latter is trying to retain his power, the rest are trying to gain power.

As per reports, Sadananda Gowda has seen to it that the DK District was devoid of a minister, probably owing to his desire to be the only power centre in the district. The one common aspect between Sadananda Gowda and his rebel Shobha is that both want to retain their political control in the district and are working towards that end.

Sadananda Gowda during his chief minstership, by not filling the vacancies of DK and Udupi ministers, saw to it that political limelight was concentrated on him. On the other hand, Shobha saw to it that none from DK district became the minister in the Shettar government just to turn the tide in her favour. However, Shobha’s wish remained fulfilled due to the interference of the local RSS command.

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