Rains wash away newly asphalted road!

Posted on Jul 12th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

PUTTUR : The photograph given here is that of a road at Chelyadka in Puttur. There is nothing special in the photograph as it presents a slushy road which is quite common during monsoons. But the point to be noted here is that this is the plight of a road which was asphalted just a fortnight ago.

At least six kms stretch of the road from Chelyadka to Ajjikallu had been asphalted at a cost of Rs 10 lakhs. Though initially only patch works were done, later, following complaint by locals the entire stretch was asphalted. But now even that has been washed away in the rains and the funds down the drains, alleged Satish, a villager There is also a demand to initiate action against the contractor concerned for the sub-standard works.

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