MESCOM turns blind eye to dangerously positioned electricity poles in Padubidri

Posted on Jul 12th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

PADUBIDRI : An electricity pole is seen in a suspended state in Padubidri, that too with the help of a rope tied to it by the villagers, since a week. The MESCOM authorities on their part have turned a blind eye to this. The apathy of the authorities has left Ermal, Aluvekodi areas in darkness since the past one week and villagers fear much danger in case this pole rolls onto the nearby agricultural land.

Locals also reveal that the MESCOM authorities had shrugged off their responsibility stating they cannot help and instead suggested that the pole be tied using a rope. Leave apart this pole, at least three to four electricity poles in the area are in a sorry state. It is noteworthy that these are iron poles installed at least three decades ago. To add to the problem, most of the electricity cables in the area are in a low lying position posing much dangeror.

The villagers have pleaded the MESCOM to rise to the occasion and initiate remedial measures before something grave happened.

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