Idkidu bridge is facing collapse

Posted on Jul 6th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

VITTAL : A mini bridge at Idkidu village which is a vital link between Idkidu and other surrounding villages, is facing collapse of late for want of proper maintenance.

The bridge is just six feet wide and even an appeal to the authorities to widen it has gone unheard of so far. In fact, a portion of this mini bridge had almost collapsed during the previous monsoons. Though the officials had then done some patch works following media reports, it has been of little help. Meanwhile, a promise to get sanctioned funds for a new bridge, has remained unfulfilled until now.

Villagers have now noticed cracks in the foundation of the bridge. Recently, a jeep driver unaware of the condition of the bridge, had even taken his jeep on the bridge but was saved following a timely alert by the locals. Today, having no other option, the villagers use this mini bridge which is hardly suffice even for two-wheelers. The villagers are hoping the authorities would make up their mind to construct a bridge here at the earliest..

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