Ladygoschen wastes blatantly burnt in hospital yard

Posted on Jul 6th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

MANGALORE : The lackadaisical approach of the Ladygoschen Hospital authorities who have chosen to burn the hospital wastes right in the hospital yards, has given rise to the fear of spread of contagious diseases in the area.

It has been noticed of late that a huge pit dug up in a half acre vacant land close by the residential quarters of the hospital staff, is used for dumping of the hazardous hospital wastes and then burning the same. One can see blood stained cotton pieces, glouse, syringes, pipes, medicine bottles etc etc dumped in this pit and burnt. The foul smell thus emanating from the area has made life difficult for the nearby residents who feel almost choked. The rains have added to the problems and one can seen worms germinating in the wastes.

A local resident say several appeal to the authorities against this practice of dumping hospital wastes and then burning the same, has proved futile. “ The wastes are burning round the clock and the foul smell is choking. We are living under the constant fear of contracting contagious diseases,” he said.

Rules do not allow dumping of hospital wastes anywhere in the vicinity. If the human wastes should be buried in the ground, other wastes should be kept in concealed plastic and then handed over to the firm which disposes hospital wastes.

Hanumanth Kamath, President of the Nagarika Hitharakshana Samithi said so “ The Bio medical wastes are taken by some firm in return for some payment. But, the hospital authorities by entering into some understanding with the garbage disposal contractors, see that the wastes are dumped in the Pachanady dumping yard. The rest are disposed by the hospital staff themselves. Though there is a firm which treats hospital waste at Mulki Karnad, no private or government hospital is ready to pay to dispose wastes.”

“ Last year even the Yenepoya Hospital was found dumping wastes in the garbage bin. Though the Corporation served notice, it has not improved the situation” he complained.

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